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Why SEO Optimized WordPress Theme is Crucial to Boost your Online Business



The ultimate aim of a website is to spread awareness about your business and boost your business. However, at every moment there are around 5 to 10 websites that are built which makes it crucial that your site stands out from the crowd. With the help of Content Management Systems such as WordPress, you can create a site in a matter of minutes. It is essential that you choose an SEO optimized WordPress theme that benefits the business.


Here’s how SEO optimized WordPress theme can boost your business


Not every web designer takes into consideration the end look of the website. A theme that looks bad can scare away your customers which can reduce your customers even if your product is better than your competition. SEO optimized WordPress theme has a good appearance and help draw the customers to the business. Choosing a theme that is clear and not too cluttered with content can help improve the conversion rate of your website.


Slow Speeds will bore the Users

The attention span of the users has reduced to a great extent. There is so much content available online that visitor will not spend too much time waiting for your site to load. The average loading time of a website is around 19 seconds; however, 53% of users will abandon the site if it doesn’t load within three seconds. (Source: All of the WordPress SEO optimized themes ensure that it loads within a few seconds holding the visitors’ attention and reducing your bounce rates.


How Can You Define a Theme as SEO Optimized?



The site needs to be accessible by the search engine bots; these bots should be able to understand the site so that they can ultimately store the information from the site and index it for following searches by the internet users.



It should pass a quality check which ensures the site will pop up when a user searches for the related keywords.



The site needs to have valid and up to date coding which can help it rank higher on a search engine ranking. You can check the coding of the website to make sure that it is compatible with a varied range of the browsers in use today.


Mobile friendly

Smartphones and tablets have made it easier for people to search for what they need on the go. It means that the website needs to be compatible with these devices and quickly adapt to any screen size. SEO optimized WordPress theme are mobile friendly and work well on any screen size.



Another great property for a website to have is that it should be responsive. If Google can indicate, your website is responsive the site will get a better result on SERP. A site that can effectively respond to the needs of the customer and provide a better overall experience can fetch you repeat customers.


Social Media Integration

Social Media plays a critical role in everyone’s life today. Although integrating social media with your website does not do too much regarding SERP, but it makes the customer journey much more comfortable, and it would be an added source of traffic to your site. While choosing an appropriate theme make sure it can integrate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and other leading social media platforms.


If the theme is SEO optimized WordPress theme, you would be able to incorporate as many social media profiles as you wish and can also display your social media feed on the website. If you have a blog page, social media integration will help the readers share your blog with their followers. It is another excellent way of increasing the traffic on your website thus boosting your business.


Schema Markup

The schema markup of your website is a way in which the code of the webpage makes the content not only visible but also understandable by the search engine bots. It helps to index the site better so that it can be presented more clearly to your readers. Having this schema markup also increases the probability of the users following the links to your website. You can get this markup at, and if you need to understand the basic concept of this feature in a better way, you must Google it. There is a lot of info available online that will help you understand it better.



Even if the theme you choose is SEO optimized, you can benefit further by adding plugins to use your website’s full potential. There are different plugins for different uses, and you can choose the one that would be most useful to your requirements.


All of these are the reasons why it is necessary to have an SEO optimized WordPress theme for your website.

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