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5 Things You Should Never Do While Hosting WordPress Website



WordPress runs almost 20% of the internet. ( When used right it can be highly useful, on the contrary, there are a few crucial mistakes that you can make while Hosting WordPress Website.


The reason why WordPress is so popular is that it is a highly reliable CMS and has very few problems. Coupled with the fact that it has incredible themes which can be used to build websites. Thus, avoiding the need for hiring a website developer. These WordPress themes are very user-friendly, but it comes at a price.


Here are five main things that you should Never Do While hosting WordPress website


Login as Admin

Hosting WordPress Website - Login as Admin

Hosting WordPress Website – Login as Admin


Ensuring that you or your team members avoid using Admin as a username for login. The first thing you should do is to change it to a different name.


If a hacker is after your website the first username, they try for will be Admin. Once this is done, all they would have to figure out is your password which would give them an all-access pass to your website. Furthermore, the hackers would stick around for as long as they would be under the impression that your site is not very well secured.


Install Latest WordPress Plugins

Hosting a WordPress Website - Latest Plugins

hosting WordPress website – Latest Plugins


Premium WordPress themes allow adding of various plugins to add a wide range of functions onto your web page. However, every plugin that you install comes with risks.


WordPress Plugin Bugs

Hosting WordPress Website - WordPress Plugin Bugs

Hosting WordPress Website – WordPress Plugin Bugs


There is no perfect piece of software on this planet. All of these Plugins can come with Bugs that may affect your site.


Compatibility Issues

Hosting WordPress Website - Compatibility Issue

Hosting WordPress Website – Compatibility Issue


The compatibility issue is the most common problem that you could face with the plugin. Although most plugins work well, there are some that may not be compatible with the version of WordPress that you use, or the plugin could also clash with another one.



Hosting WordPress Website - Security

Hosting WordPress Website – Security


Plugins that are of poor quality could be a significant security risk to your system. So, think twice before purchasing or installing any plugin, whether they are premium or free. It can damage your website if the theme does not have a clean and secure code.



Hosting WordPress Website - Security

Hosting WordPress Website – Security


There is a vast choice when it comes to plugins but the more plugins you add to your website the worse the performance gets. If you add too many plugins, the site can get pretty slow which could annoy the users.


Not Using a Staging Server

A staging server is something that allows you to test out a replica of your live environment. This is an essential part of the website building process as it gives you a chance to check all updates for the website before they are released. Having a staging server can save you from a lot of trouble later on if the update you install doesn’t work and causes problems with the website.


Managing Security Yourself 

If your business depends entirely on the website, it is essential that the site remains safe from hackers. Every moment of every day you run the risk of a hacker getting into your website. There could be a day when you wake up and get to work and find that they have gotten into the site.

Security is a very complicated issue that should be left to the experts. Getting a security expert to tighten up your security could be beneficial.


Assume That Your Backups are Working

Do you backup all of your data on WordPress? Can you be entirely sure that everything is fully backed up?


Hosting WordPress Website - Backup Data

Hosting WordPress Website – Backup Data


There are so many instances when people think all of their data is back up, but it isn’t. You can lose vital data which may not even be retrievable. It is essential that you don’t just assume the backup works, ensure that you check it regularly.


You should also take into consideration the performance of the website and perform regular audits on the site for its proper working. By keeping these points in mind, you would be using WordPress to its full potential. Without any problems or difficulties, all you have to do is keep yourself safe.

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