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Free WordPress Themes vs. Premium WordPress Themes



If this is the first time, you are making a website choosing between whether to opt for a free or premium WordPress theme. Here are a few pros and cons about both the options to help you choose the right theme for the website.


Free WordPress Themes

Why Do Developers Give Their Themes Away for Free?

The reason why some people choose to sell their themes for free is that going through the review process alone could help them improve their skills. This is the best choice for amateur and professional theme developers who want to hone their skills. The WordPress theme review team helps developers with suggestions for improvement and feedback about their code. Besides, when a developer gives their theme for free, they can build a reputation for themselves as skilled developers. They can use these themes in their profile when they are later looking for a paying job.



Perfect for Your Budget

These themes and free so you would be able to start a blog or a business website without any kind of investment. However, there are a lot of people who believe that nothing comes free and are cautious about choosing these themes.

Strict Review Process

Contrary to popular belief the free WordPress themes have stricter quality standards. If you choose to buy a free theme from the official WordPress theme directory, you will get a pretty good quality theme. However, opting for free themes from a third party seller may not be a good idea.



The disadvantages of free WordPress theme are subjective to different users. What one person thinks is a problem may not be much of a concern for another. Following are the most common disadvantages of free WordPress themes.

Limited Support

There isn’t any team behind a free theme which means if something goes wrong you would have to solve it yourself. This is usually one of the most significant disadvantages of using a free theme.


Limited Functions and Features

Although most free WordPress themes support the standard functions there isn’t much you would be able to do concerning customization. All other options will be unrestricted if you go for Premium WordPress Themes


Not Unique

Many websites and blogs are built using free WordPress themes; this means your site would look similar to many others that are already on the internet.


No Guaranties

Free themes are usually distributed without any kind of warranties, so the developers have no obligation to help you in case anything goes wrong.

If you are someone who doesn’t need too much functionality in your website and are not very fussy about it looking like others, then a free theme can be your choice.


Premium WordPress Themes

Unlike the free themes that should be bought from only the official WordPress theme directory Premium WordPress themes can be found from many different vendors. Due to the sheer amount of competition when it comes to selling themes, you would be able to get more features at a lower price.



Updates and Support

This is one of the most significant advantages of buying premium WordPress themes. There is a great support team behind a premium theme that can help when something goes wrong. Moreover, the team also releases regular updates to keep up with current trends.



Because you are paying for the theme, they are less frequently used as compared to free themes.


Because you are paid, they have to go through a strict review process that ensures the theme you buy would be the highest quality.


Premium WordPress themes are compatible with most plugins so more features can be added to the website. These themes can also be customized more to suit your needs and the business.



Although most themes are good, not all of them are perfect and can some a few disadvantages.

Poor Code 

There could be times when you buy premium WordPress themes that look good you could later find out that the coding seems very bad. Themes with poor coding may not be compatible with some of the plugins you may need.


Excessive Features

To make their themes more attractive to the users most developers try and offer a wide variety of features. Some of these features may be unnecessary, and you would not even need to use these features.


Crossing into the Plugin Domain

Sometimes WordPress theme developers may blur the lines between the WordPress theme and a plugin. These premium WordPress themes may also offer functionalities that they should not be providing. Take, for example, allowing the users to create customized short-codes, post types, or other things that will disappear as soon as they change their theme.


The best way to ensure that the themes you use for websites are good, is by buying Premium WordPress Themes from a reliable source.


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